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a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning.

Inference Partners is a thesis-driven venture capital firm investing in the infrastructure software of the future

Our Philosophy

Commitment. We focus on building trusted and lasting relationships with entrepreneurs and get deeply involved with each company we partner with.

Long term view. We have respect for the entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges they face and the risk they take. We take a long term view and are supportive partners both in good and in difficult times.

Challenging conventional wisdom. We challenge conventional wisdom and seek to understand each situation from diverse perspectives. We do not guess - we analyze and take informed risk.

Our Investment Focus

Early stage. We typically make our first investment at pre-seed or seed stage and look to contribute in meaningful ways throughout the company's journey.

Infrastructure software. We exclusively invest in enterprise and infrastructure software companies in areas, such as data, computing, networking, payments, and security.

Deep domain expertise. We are looking to back teams with deep domain expertise and unique perspectives to address significant customer needs in a superior way.


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We partner with entrepreneurs who are building tomorrow's software infrastructure.

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