Inference co-leads Commsignia's $15 million Series B round

Inference co-led the round alongside PortfoLion, DayOne and Inventure. The round was joined by Partech, Credo and Karma Ventures, and leading strategic investors, LG Electronics, Samsung Catalyst and Qualcomm Ventures.

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September 2023
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SANTA CLARA, California, 5 September, 2023 – Commsignia, Inc., the largest company focusing on Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) solutions, announced the closing of an USD 15 million Series B fundraising round led by PortfoLion Capital Partners, Inventure, Day One Capital and Inference Partners, together with Partech, Credo Ventures, and Karma Ventures. The fundraising round sees LG Electronics joining as a strong strategic partner along with existing strategic investors Samsung Catalyst Fund and Qualcomm Ventures.  With this investment, the company aims to strengthen its leadership and grow faster in new markets and geographies as the digital transformation of the transport and automotive industry gains momentum.

The move comes at a time when road safety is in focus all over the globe. V2X can effectively prevent accidents by enabling communication between road users. They can be made digitally visible to each other, even in situations where visibility is obstructed, which is particularly dangerous for pedestrians, bikers and micromobility users. According to a study by the European Commission, C-ITS can help reduce the number of accidents by as much as 22% and can help save on fuel consumption by 11%.[1]

The world’s leading car manufacturers, policy makers, and the transport industry in the US, Europe and China have expressed their trust in V2X as a technology that can effectively save lives through decisions and measures that opened up the way to full-scale deployments. 

Commsignia is the largest company fully dedicated to V2X with over 140 employees. The company’s V2X products connect the entire traffic ecosystem, working together with partners in the automotive sector as well as those from the infrastructure operator side. 

With a presence in the world's automotive hubs in the US, Germany and South Korea, Commsignia is a V2X technology provider to several automotive OEMs and Tier1 companies. The company has mass production deals with multiple automotive OEMs and is also a partner in pioneering research projects with the world's leading automakers including for example Volkswagen[2], Audi of America[3] and Ford[4].  

On the operator side, Commsignia and its partners have covered hundreds of intersections across the United States, Europe and Asia with V2X, contributing to increasing road safety in cities and regions, like Las Vegas, Denver and broader Colorado, the Italian motorways, and highways in Czechia.

As a result, drivers, riders and self-driving vehicles can make better decisions using real-time cooperative sensor data. Commsignia is building the operating system for connected transport by providing all elements of a digital road infrastructure.

We see this investment as a confirmation from our key strategic partners on our technology leadership. It gives us and our customers confidence: Commsignia plays a significant role in the growth of the digital transport infrastructure and the connected vehicle ecosystem. This investment reinforces our ecosystem strategy which covers all segments of mobility and connected infrastructure services, to enable more people to use our world-class V2X products to improve sustainability, efficiency, equity and safety in transportation. - says Szabolcs (Szabi) Patay, CEO of Commsignia. 

Since the start of our collaboration a decade ago, Commsignia has firmly established itself as the global market leader in V2X. Their relentless pursuit of pioneering advancements in connected vehicle technology and the enormous market potential have made our decision to co-lead their Series B round very easy. – added Endre Sagi, General Partner of Inference Partners.

“V2X communication technology is essential for making autonomous driving a reality,” said Lee Sang-yong, senior vice president of R&D Laboratory at LG Electronics Vehicle component Solutions (VS) Company. "Through our strategic investment in Commsignia, we expect to lead the connected car era in the coming future, as we mutually strengthen our competitiveness in V2X communication technology."

"V2X technology paves the way for smarter, safer, and more efficient transportation,” says Boaz Peer, Senior Director, Qualcomm Israel Ltd. and Managing Director of Qualcomm Ventures Israel and Europe. “Commsignia is an important player in the V2X ecosystem, and we are happy to invest in their journey towards further growth and success.” 

About Commsignia

Commsignia is the largest company focusing on vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology. The company unlocks the full potential of Intelligent Transport Systems and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems with cutting edge V2X software and hardware products and services to improve road safety and efficiency for all road users and enable value-added services in the vehicle industry. 

Commsignia’s V2X solutions allow road owners and operators to gain real-time traffic insights from connected sensors and cameras to better protect a wide range of connected and nonconnected road users, including pedestrians and cyclists. V2X-enabled smart intersections provide traffic priority services for emergency responders, city fleets, and V2X is an essential component for self-driving.

Commsignia enables automotive manufacturers, micromobility providers and bicycle manufacturers to cost-effectively deliver improved road safety and better driving experience for their customers by joining the V2X ecosystem. V2X connects road users with each other and with roadside equipment to support them with information through sensor sharing and ensure confident, safe and comfortable driving. 


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