Endre Sagi

Endre Sagi

General Partner

Endre Sagi is the Founder and General Partner of Inference Partners. He led the firm's investments in Commsignia, Yassir, Noogata, Pomelo Group and Sprinque.

Prior to Inference Partners, he was Principal at C5 Capital, an investment firm specialized in cybersecurity and data & cloud infrastructure investments. He has been an angel investor for more than 10 years and invested in a number of early stage technology companies, including Commsignia, Revolut, Freetrade, Panoply (acq. by SQream), Ionir, Dataform (acq. by Google), Monzo, Seldon and ZecOps (acq. by Jamf) amongst others.​

Endre wrote his first lines of code in the early 90s on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Before his career in business, he was a trained as a computer scientist and developed high-frequency trading systems at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology under the supervision of Dr. Wei Sun.​

Endre holds an Engineering Degree in Computer Science with specialization in Data Science from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and an MBA from London Business School with a specialization in Finance and Private Equity.


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