Inference and Team8 invest in no-code A.I. platform Noogata

Tel Aviv based Noogata democratizes the development of enterprise applications by empowering non-developers to build tools with powerful machine learning features in a short period of time.

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March 2021
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TEL AVIV, Israel - March 16, 2021 – Noogata, the leader in radically simple, no-code artificial intelligence (AI) data analytics for enterprises, today announced that it has secured a $12 million seed funding led by Team8 with participation from. Investment proceeds will power product development and organizational expansion to fast-track and scale Noogata’s innovative enterprise AI offering; support the company’s expansion into new industries; and serve existing customers, including Colgate and PepsiCo.

Noogata is an enterprise platform for collecting, enriching and modeling data insights, predictions and recommendations. It provides actionable data analytics across multiple departments, ranging from sales and operations to finance and marketing. This removes the need for internal development overheads or the use of limited out-of-the-box solutions. The platform easily and rapidly integrates with enterprise data systems.

Noogata democratizes the development of enterprise applications by empowering non-developers to build the tools they need. At the core of the Noogata solution are modular, pre-set “AI blocks,” which are engineered to target mission-critical business needs such as managing eCommerce channels and supply chains and enhancing marketing ROI. Noogata utilizes no-code AI-powered frameworks to unlock valuable data insights that companies can integrate into their reports and dashboards to improve decision-making.

“We believe data teams are at the epicenter of digital transformation and that to drive impact, they need to be able to unlock the value of data. They need access to relevant, continuous and explainable insights and predictions that are reliable and up-to-date,” said Noogata Co-Founder and CEO Assaf Egozi. “Noogata unlocks the value of data by providing contextual, business-focused blocks that integrate seamlessly into enterprise data environments to generate actionable insights, predictions and recommendations. This empowers users to go far beyond traditional business intelligence by leveraging AI in their self-serve analytics as well as in their data solutions.”

Yuval Shachar, Managing Partner at Team8, said: “Noogata is perfectly positioned to address the significant market need for a best-in-class, no-code data analytics platform to drive decision-making. The innovative platform replaces the need for internal build, which is complex and costly, or the use of out-of-the-box vendor solutions which are limited. The company’s ability to unlock the value of data through AI is a game-changer. Add to that a stellar founding team, and there is no doubt in my mind that Noogata will be enormously successful.”

Endre Sagi, General Partner at Inference Partners, added: “In most enterprises, data scientists, data engineers and software developers are among the scarcest resources. Noogata’s no-code AI platform allows customers to unleash the power of AI and improve business decisions in a short period of time without committing significant internal technical resources. This makes Noogata’s value proposition extremely compelling.”

Putting the Noogata Solution Into Practice
As part of its investment in AI to revolutionize its digital commerce business, Colgate-Palmolive Company uses the Noogata platform to support key sales and marketing functions. According to Kitu Kumar, Ph.D., Associate Director of eCommerce Analytics at Colgate, “We always invest in understanding our consumers so that we can stay close to them. Noogata is giving us a large-scale solution that lets our business units leverage AI across digital commerce channels and touchpoints. As a result, we are improving our sales and marketing efforts dynamically to capitalize on shifting consumer interests. This creates a true competitive advantage for us.”

Global food and beverage company PepsiCo, Inc. is currently leveraging Noogata’s technology across certain farming sites in Europe to help optimize the yield of agricultural raw materials. “PepsiCo is always looking for ways to leverage breakthrough technology that can help advance our sustainability goals,” said David Wilkinson, Senior Director, PepsiCo Global Procurement. “By applying AI to the crop data captured in partnership with farmers, we can gather important insights to further improve decision-making across our agricultural supply chain. The Noogata AI platform is helping us take steps to further optimize crop yield, which helps support farmers’ productivity, profitability and resiliency.”


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